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Painting My 1977 T/A?


Oct 9, 2020
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I purchased it in 2020, and it was and still is primer black.

Originally a sterling silver, with a red deluxe interior. W72 and runs excellent.

The previous owner gave up on turning it into a SE clone.

Since I’ve had it, it’s had a new Hotchkis front and rear suspension, plus about everything else mechanical, including the AC and Ram Air Restoration full exhaust.

It runs and drives excellently.

The main question is, would it be terrible to go with Solar gold on a 77 (it wasn’t available that year) with the red interior?

Original silver doesn’t do it for me; everyone has black.

White, meh, maybe a blue?

I’m fixated on the gold but don’t want to feel like I’m looking at a freak show after all is said and done with the red gut.

Surprisingly, my body guy seems to think it would look alright.

I hoped he’d talk me out of it, though I know it’s my decision.

I like to hear opinions, especially from people who know these cars.

I also understand the best re-sale would be black or the stock color.

At this stage, I’ve got so much money in this car I can’t afford to sell it anyway.

I’m keeping her for life.