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Thanks for welcoming me brothers!
I have owned '76, '84 and '91 Trans Ams and actual sat in the original factory TA at the GM Autoshow.
I guess that's where I caught the bug on these machines!
My favorite so far was the '76 which we heavily modified into a slalom and 1/8 mile sprint racer.
That was a bloody rocket!
I left Oregon in November 2022; building a new house in North Carolina. El Fuego Rojo is in storage in NC while the house is completed. I'm in So California chomping at the bit. My car has 1740 original miles on it as of this writing. Can't wait to join the NC car culture. Here are the last images I took in Oregon.


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Hi all. Just registered myself as a lover of the Trans-Am Firebird and, as a keen photographer with an imagination, I wondered if I could share an image I created from a photograph I found on Facebook. Hope you like it.


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My 2002 Last of the Breed Trans Am WS.6 and my 2018 Subaru WRX Premium.


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Hello, My name is Ken Ballard and I live in Escondido CA 92026. I have a 1977 trans am with a 403 oldsmobile engine that has been totally rebuilt with the carburetor. I have to move out of state in the next few moths and need to sell it because I cannot take it. If anyone is interested answer me back and we can connect so I can tell you everything about it. Thanks.