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Hello I just joined this forum , to find out more about my own firebird and what I can do to it with out butchering it up and defacing the value of it . I have a 1989 THIRD GENERATION It’s basic but seems to have been ordered . It is black on black with t tops and a five speed , loaded with all the options . But its only got the 2.8 V6. As a power plant , 55000 original miles .


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Thank you for letting me join the forum. This is one of my babies


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I am new to forums as well. This is my first forum membership. I hope to get ideas from other as to where to find hard to get accents and parts, as well as electrifications ideas because I am electrifying my Trans Am. Also means I will be selling a lot of parts that I wont need in the process.
Good evening, My name is JD and I am new to the forum. I am helping my son rebuild a 1980 4.9l Turbo. I am not a mechanic in any sense of the word but I am very mechanically inclined. Does anybody have any suggestions on how or where to buy pieces for the exhaust system. mine is ok to the cat on the passenger side but there is nothing else. Can you buy pre-bent stuff for this?
If you are still working on this, I have two suggestions. Some auto wreckers have the exhaust parts you need. Yes, they will be old and rusty but it isnt hard for a business to weld and repair those. I prefer to hire a muffler shop to build me a new pipe system. Believe it or not, It really isnt that expensive to have one custom built at any muffler shop that is worth their salt.
Anyone know were the voltage regulator for the instrament cluster is located in a 73 T/A
Last week, I purchased a 1976 TA 455 4spd sight unseen. I had the car shipped to my wife's home in CA. The car is absolutely pristine. My wife found paperwork in the car that indicates a Crane Cam, Holley Carb, Offenhauser EGR Adapter, Blackjack headers. I have the paper on the cam specs, but don't understand what it means. My question is: is there anyway to estimate the HP with these modifications ?
Owner of a 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Special Edition Bandit. Y84 SE 400/4-Speed. 2nd owner, 1 of 1,107 made.
I currently own 3 ‘69 Firebirds( One is a ‘69TA Conv 4 spd w/ a RAIV Engine), 15 Trans Ams(‘70-‘02), and 2 GTOs. ‘02 CE TA Conv 6spd for sale.