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I have recently purchased a 1978 Trans am. She’s a little rough also the 400 she should’ve came with is gone but was replaced with a 350. Currently not running but I have no idea where to start. Any help? I’m only 26 and never had the pleasure of working with an older model vehicle but I’m ready to learn I’ve been very hands on with my personal vehicles just nothing of this age.


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i am restoring my 1979 Trans Am 403 with a/c. i am having trouble finding 3 parts. i need a water pump pulley, power steering pump pully, and the power steering pump relocation bracket. if anyone has any of these, or where to get. please contact me. thank you in advance.
Hi i am new to this site
I a, looking to buy a 1988 firebird Trans Am GTA Does anyone know the aprox cost i should be paying for a Good condition everything original minor ware and tare for car with 50,000 miles I am having trouble finding a real good estimate thanks in advance
Hi Y'all, I'm still peeking around in here at times trying to fig out how to do things.

This T/A WS6 is Factory modified by ASC at the Lachine facility on March 13, 1998 and is
identified/certified to be ASC build #206.
We took delivery from our Pontiac dealer April 7th, 1998.
ASC Factory letter provided from the good people at ASC.



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Hello I just joined this forum , to find out more about my own firebird and what I can do to it with out butchering it up and defacing the value of it . I have a 1989 THIRD GENERATION It’s basic but seems to have been ordered . It is black on black with t tops and a five speed , loaded with all the options . But its only got the 2.8 V6. As a power plant , 55000 original miles .


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